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Formation of election commissions complete in Minsk

However, members of political parties, included into election commissions, make only 10 people from all: three representatives of Communist Party “Spravedlivy Svet”, the United Civil Party (OGP) and the Belarusian People’s Front Party (BNF) for each, and one person from the Belarusian Social Democracy Party (Hramada). Meantime, the political parties had put forward much higher number of people to be included into the elections commissions: 50 from OGP, 29 from BNF, 14 from Hramada, and 7 people from Spravedlivy Svet.

The biggest number of election commission members is made up of members of pro-governmental Republican Party of Labor and Justice (640 from 661 applications), the Belarusian Social Sports Party (639 from 660) and the Belarusian Agrarian Party (629 from 647).

There are members form Belaya Rus (670 people admitted from 686 applications), the Belarusian Women Union (664 from 684), and the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth (582 from 679).

The chairperson of the Minsk City Commission Siarhei Khilman remarked:

“Among the applicants, there are lots of people who have taken part in such work not once, they have experience and knowledge of the electoral legislation, such candidates are preferred.”

In all there were 10 046 applications to enter the election commissions.